Surfing Legend and Superfood Brand

Laird Hamilton is an iconic figure in the surfing world. He has surfed some of the biggest, baddest waves on the planet and has been a leading innovator in his sport for more than 30 years. We're helping him promote his new business, Laird Superfoods, based on his love of coffee and his devotion to a healthy ketogenic diet. We started with message development and an investor pitch. Advertising, new packaging and collateral materials are in the works. It's a healthy wave, worth riding. 

Beyond flavor in the health food industry.

Azure Standard is the largest, independent distributor of healthy, organic foods and earth-friendly products in the country. It's a true community of people who are absolutely zealous in their devotion to the brand. In the world of gluten-free baked goods, GMO free ingredients, and even vegan seafood, the Azure brand is the standard. There are a wide variety of projects...  brand development, design, advertising, publishing, writing, social media and content marketing.  It's an exciting, rapidly growing category. 





BNBranding helps launch a new golf club

It’s always nice to have a genuinely hot product to promote. Makes our job a lot easier.

For instance, the new Worx Hybrid Sand Wedge is selling very well in regional golf markets where we’ve launched a multi-media campaign. Seems golfers are unanimously sick of being stuck in sand traps.

The Worx Wedge is the first substantial innovation in Sand Wedge design in 60 years. So we have a compelling story to tell. It involves widely adopted technology, gorgeous design, and most importantly, a deep-seated emotional need on the part of the average golfer.

BNBranding devised the messaging for the new club, directed photography with DogLeg Studios, wrote and directed a TV commercial, executed a direct mail campaign, launched digital advertising and re-worked the WorxGolfUSA ecommerce website. As the campaign progresses, we’re also looking forward to helping them expand their sales with point-of-purchase displays in retail stores and possibly an infomercial. Stay tuned.

Sunriver Nature Center & Observatory Reports Record Numbers.

The results are in, and there's nothing we love to hear more...

After launching a complete re-branding effort, the Sunriver Nature Center and the Oregon Observatory at Sunriver have seen a significant increase in visitor numbers. In fact, July and August were both record months for the non-profit. 

Rick Braithwaite chose BNBranding after spearheading an ad agency search for the Nature Center and Observatory.

“I researched the local market and interviewed several branding firms and ad agencies,” Braithwaite said. “BNBranding impressed me with their strategic thinking, and they have a solid portfolio of first-class design work. I’ve been very happy with the choice, and our Board of Directors is very pleased with the work.”

In addition to the new brand identity, signage and advertising, BNBranding is also working on new websites for the Nature Center  and the Oregon Observatory at Sunriver. For more on the work we've done here, see this month's issue of Cascade Business News. The Nature Center & Observatory is on the cover!

Pro Golf Of Bend wraps up another great golf season.

You can play golf year-round in Central Oregon, but there aren't too many people who do.  So Pro Golf of Bend is doing inventory and taking stock after its first year under the new owner, Andy Heinly.

BNBranding helped Heinly and his team reach avid golfers with a constant presence in the local newspaper. Colorful little ads like this appeared every Wednesday in the sports section, right next to the "content" that's most relevant to Pro Golf's target audience.

Radio and TV spots were designed to reach a broader audience. Heinly said he had particularly good results from the TV spots that ran during The Olympic coverage. 

"We've had great traffic through the store this year, and we had lots of people talking about the spots ." Heinly said. There's definitely some good buzz out there about us. We're very optimistic about 2013."

In 2005 Heinly teamed up with BNB owner John Furgurson to write The Forget-About-It Guide To Better Golf. You can buy it at Pro Golf. 


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