What we do to help you succeed.

At BNBranding we turn ordinary businesses into iconic brands. And in the process, we make a lot of money for our clients. 

But "Branding" is a broad, often misunderstood discipline. We include naming, identity design, marketing planning and all the tasks included in traditional advertising. But is also goes deeper than that. Think of it this way.... Branding is the process of getting attention in the marketplace, and continually proving that you deserve that attention. So it touches every facet of your business. 

Our clients seek help when they're looking to launch a new brand, reinvent a current business, or refine a brand that's under-performing. In any case, we help establish and maintian an emotional connection with prospects and customers. To us, it's about Passion. Disruption. And Authenticity. 

We borrow from several scientific disciplines, including archetypal psychology, heuristics, consumer behavior, cultural anthropology and the latest research on neuro marketing. It's part science, part art and all hard work. Specifically, here's the stuff we do everyday:

  • Brand Strategy Consulting.  Your brand is the heart and sould of your business. We help you define it,  communicate it, and integrate it into every facet of your business.
  • Message Development.  Don't know what to say to sway people? We devise clear, compelling messages that produce results. From value propositions to taglines.
  • Strategic Storytelling. Memorable, relevant stories in every form, from long-format videos and websites to tiny little tweets.
  • Graphic Design.  For brand identities, packaging, printed materials, websites, collateral and anything else you need. 
  • Website design and development.  Modern, responsive websites using persuasion architecture, memorable graphics and great copy.
  • Advertising.  Our campaigns get noticed. And remembered. On TV, on the radio, in print or in digital form.
  • Tactical Marketing Planning. Prioritize the ever-growing marketing to-do list for the highest ROI possible. 
  • Copywriting. We believe words have great power. When your copy is both strategic and well-written, it produces results.
  • Content Marketing. Need articles for your site that you can leverage into social media and sales presentations? Call us.
  • Naming.  The name of your business or new product is critical to your brand identity. We'll make it memorable and protectable. 

We believe that image matters. The image you portray -- in words, graphics, music, images -- can differentiate your business and give you a leg up on the competition. But the style needs substance, as well. 

We believe in the power of a good story.  Every great business has an engaging story to tell. So tell it!  Find creative new ways to spin that tale, and keep telling it over and over again. Tell it in ads, tell it on your site, tell it presentations, tweets and Facebook posts. 

We believe a little mystery makes marketing more effective. Overt benefits are great, but your story needs to have some element of mystery to it, or it's not a good story. Great brand names, like Google and Clif Bar, contain a hint of mystery all by themselves. They're not pounding us over the head with literal-ness.

We believe in the power of disruptive words. Well-crafted messages with unexpected words and images have more impact. The human brain automatically screens out the normal, mundane language of most business pitches. It's in one ear, and out the other, without disturbing a single brain cell. Great messages, on the other hand, trigger emotion.

We believe that when it comes to selling, emotion trumps logic every time. Research it yourself... the latest brain research proves that emotion leads to action. Reason leads only to conclusions.  No great brand has ever been built on reason alone.  Not one. In branding, it's what they feel, not what they think!

We believe Design belongs in business school.  Tom Peters calls it "the soul of new enterprise."  It's Design that differentiates the world's most valuable brand - Apple.  It's Design that made Tupperware a cultural phenomenon. Design evokes passion, emotion and attachment... all required elements of great brands.

We believe technology is a great new weapon in our quiver. But it's not the bow. Tactics are changing. Facebook,Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest  and the rest all provide exciting new marketing opportunities. We've never had so many ways to tell stories and make connections.  But technology itself isn't the story.

We believe in the art of persuasion. Data is a big deal these days. But effective marketing communications still comes down to saying the right thing, and saying it well. A brilliantly unusual combination of words and images will always be highly motivating.